Configuring a secondary Administrator account

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Studio Enterprise 3.1

The first Administrator account is created during the installation of Studio Enterprise. This Studio account is tied to the e-mail address specified during installation. When enabling Active Directory integration, it is recommended that you maintain an Administrator account that will not map to an Active Directory user. This way, if Studio is ever unable to communicate with Active Directory, you will still be able to login and configure settings or update the AD configuration through the Studio portal.

Follow these steps to register a new e-mail address and configure it for the Administrator role:

  1. Create a Bluebeam Studio account on your server

    It is recommended that you use an e-mail address that does not map to an Active Directory user.

  2. Log into your Studio portal (https://YourServerURL) using an Administrator account, such as the one created during the installation of Studio Enterprise.
  3. Select Users on the left.
  4. Click the Search button (magnifying glass icon) and search for the newly registered e-mail address.
  5. Click on it to select it in the list.
  6. On the User Data Tab, fill the checkboxes for Administrator and Validated.
  7. Click Update profile.

See this article for more information on User Roles.

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